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  • Donna Rosa

The Volunteer Chronicles

Updated: May 6

Assortment of colorful baskets and crafts |

I have done a lot of volunteering, both at home and abroad, and I highly recommend it. I always get more out of the experience than those I helped. Selfish, yes, but it just feels good. It's not always easy, but the greater the challenge, the bigger the payback.

Here are some published articles and blogs from the past that will take you deeper into the experience.

Un-Corporate Volunteering, October 2014, Experience in Kenya, Business Fights Poverty

Agribusiness Volunteering in Nigeria, September/October 2004, Transitions Abroad

Herbal Horticulture in Kosovo, September 2003, Prepared Foods

Building the Dairy Business....Abroad, South Africa, September 2003, Dairy Foods

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