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Innovative personalized remote business support and coaching

for entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies

Teaching young entrepreneurs in developing countries

There isn’t a lot of support for microenterprises in the developing world, and they face unique and difficult challenges. Now there's help specially tailored to their needs.

It's called ESchool.  Think B-school for entrepreneurs. 

ESchool is targeted to organizations that support entrepreneurs in emerging nations.  It's efficient, cost-effective, and extremely convenient for all. How do we do it? 

  • We utilize technology. Our proprietary methodology features a user-friendly online business plan template and custom financial software stored in the cloud.  Management teams can collaborate online and easily access their plans and financials.

  • We coach entrepreneurs remotely via an internet platform.  There are no travel or meeting costs. 

  • We work with small groups of 4 participants to provide personalized coaching, but at a lower cost than individual mentoring. 


Three programs are available:


ECoaching is a 5-week remote group business coaching program for beginning entrepreneurs. It is highly interactive and covers the areas most entrepreneurs need help with: marketing and financials.


EPlan helps small business owners develop a business plan. This advanced 11-week advanced program simplifies the business planning process by utilizing a proprietary business plan template and cloud-based financial software, Lean Projections. The course includes live remote group coaching and personalized business plan and financial reviews. 

EFinancials walks entrepreneurs through the key aspects of small business financial management with live remote coaching and discussion.  This 3-week intensive utilizes Lean Projections software to make financial management easy and automatically generate cash flow statements, income statements, and balance sheets. 

 Interested? Find out more at the ESchool website or contact me for more info.

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