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Innovative personalized remote business support and coaching

for entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies

Teaching young entrepreneurs in developing countries

There isn’t a lot of support for microenterprises in the developing world, and they face unique and difficult challenges. Now there's help specially tailored to their needs.

It's called ESchool.  Think B-school for entrepreneurs. 

ESchool is targeted to organizations that support entrepreneurs in emerging nations.  It's efficient, cost-effective, and extremely convenient for all. How do we do it? 

  • We utilize technology. Our proprietary methodology features a user-friendly online business plan template and custom financial software stored in the cloud.  Management teams can collaborate online and easily access their plans and financials.

  • We coach entrepreneurs remotely via an internet platform.  There are no travel or meeting costs. 

  • We work with small groups of 4 participants to provide personalized coaching, but at a lower cost than individual mentoring. 


Customized programs are available.

 Interested? Find out more at the ESchool website or contact Donna for more info.

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