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client Testimonials

Donna Rosa teaching entrepreneurs in Liberia

IElizabeth Kabakoyo, Glowish Agro Solutions, Uganda

She is flexible, friend, loving and always gives me energy to do more into the agribusiness.  She has met all my expectations from this mentorship program.  She has strengthen my skills in financial management, market research and management of part time employees.

With her, I managed to win a small grant to develop a prototype of another product.  The new innovation will co-sale with the existing product to increase the sales of the agribusiness.

Ms. Donna has impacted positively my agribusiness and I don’t hope to separate with her even after this mentorship period.

Olusegun Mayungbe, CEO, Oluadepe Farms Nigeria Ltd.  (Aquaculture)

Donna worked with me to develop a business plan for my aquaculture business, OFNL Farms.  In the year we worked together she helped me clarify my business model and provided feedback and advice.


With her support, I was able to prepare a bankable business plan. She’s calm and supportive. Despite her tight schedule she creates time to review and update the business plan, conduct research, and send her findings so we can review and use it to update the business plan. She doesn’t condone laziness, keep to time and she always keep me on my toes. She’s organized and sets achievable goal from the onset.

With her support and encouragement, I was able to get an expression of interest from a private equity fund. I will recommend her to any serious entrepreneur that needs an experienced mentor for support. Of all the consultants I have worked with during my entrepreneurship journey, Donna is my top pick. She’s vast in all areas of business administration and willing to learn as she’s impacting knowledge.


Anthony Lawrence, Life’s Choice and Unwind by Gracey, Jamaica  (Moringa Teas & Handmade Soaps)

Donna Rosa, everything you could ask for in a business coach and more. She has been a great coach and an ever-present figure throughout the coaching period. Donna is knowledgeable, dependable and highly resourceful. I have worked with business coaches in the past and Donna has stood out. Donna does not take a generic approach to business coaching, this I believe is her advantage and it allowed us to get more done in less time. Talk about efficiency and tailored business coaching.

When Donna was introduced to me as my business coach, I had an existing business (an organic farm) and two ideas for agro-processing. I wanted to produce herbal teas and/or herbal supplements. As with most (if not all) entrepreneurs, we get fixated on our ideas, emotional and have difficulties financing them. Donna got me to look at each idea individually and objectively. We went through the financials of each and analyzed the production cost, marketing strategies, branding, sourcing of raw materials, return on investment, the overall startup cost and how it would be funded.  Donna helped me in setting goals and held me accountable. I had to present my findings at our weekly meetings. Even though we had set meeting hours, Donna was never too busy to respond to an important text message.

I am happy to say that I was able to use the principles I learnt from Donna to launch a viable and successful business. I turned my wife’s hobby into a profitable and environmentally friendly business. We did this with the little money we had. I will forever be in Donna’s debt.

Hellen Akiror, Owner, Coldbush Organics, Jamaica   (Cocoa Farm and Chocolate Producer)

Donna mentored me as part of the Branson Centre program in Jamaica.  I have a local chocolate business, Coldbush Organics brand name Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers Jamaica.   She helped me focus on the most profitable business segments and encouraged me to negotiate better payment terms with suppliers to improve my cash flow.  She also helped publicize my business on LinkedIn.

Donna's guidance was very helpful to me. She kept me on track and accountable by outlining a plan with action steps for me to follow. I would strongly recommend Donna to other small businesses in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

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