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Donna M Rosa Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, EFour Enterprises

Empowering Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies


Customized, hands-on business advisory and capacity development services for micro, small, and medium enterprises (SMMEs/MSMEs/SMEs) in emerging and developing economies

Specializing in remote business coaching



    Small Business Support


  • ESchool online business coaching programs

  • SME development program design/implementation

  • Business analysis and problem diagnosis

  • Business advisory

  • Business plan development and review

  • Market research and opportunity identification

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Business training and workshops

  • Organization development

  • Counseling/coaching/mentoring

  • Capacity building

  • Private sector development

    Available For


  • Donor-funded aid projects

  • Government agencies for MSME sector development

  • Development consulting firm subcontracting

  • Services for business incubators and accelerators

  • Corporate social responsibility programs

  • SME development programs for NGOs/organizations 

  • Direct hire by small enterprises and community groups

  • Media and podcast interviews

  • Speaking engagements

  • Articles and guest blogging


All About Donna

Donna M Rosa Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, EFour Enterprises

Read about Donna's professional background….and the personal side of her career evolution

All about me
Donna M Rosa Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, EFour Enterprises

Assignments & Adventures

Every foreign assignment is a one-of-a-kind adventure.  Many adventures, actually.  There are challenges and obstacles, from day-to-day living to unknowable outcomes to project pressures. Still, the rewards are astounding.  The people I work with, the people I help…..they teach me a lot.

Here’s a sampling of some of my assignments, along with a few adventures I've had on each one. 

Assignments and Adventures


Building with coins painted on the side - Donna Rosa

Donna coined this term to describe the use of development and other types of aid to encourage and support entrepreneurship as a means of economic growth in developing countries.  It can take many forms, such as training, mentorship, donations, business incubation, loans, grants, or any other assistance. 

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